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My other half, is lucky enough to study at a uni that only a stone throw away from a cheap pizza place – Lucky Coq, he went there quite a lot, I even have to remind him to limit his pizza intake to twice a week. I’m worried he might get a pizza overdose, i.e. fat. hehe.. The pizza here are soooo cheap, at lunch (12-4pm) and dinner time (7-11pm), they only cost $4. One day, we decided to meet there for dinner, I think it was on friday night, a couple of week ago. We arrived around 7 and it was already crazily busy!Packed with hip and trendy people, there was even a velvet gate outside the door, the music were loud, some people even hanging around on the bar waiting for a table. We almost gave up, but I, (travelled all the way from east brunswick, catching a tram and train on peak hour, got of at richmond, and catch another train..) refused to give up! We finally got a seat just next to the kitchen window, not the best spot! The pizza took about half an hour, and we had to buy  drinks to distract ourselves from hunger, our drink cost more than the pizza, ($8 each for corona, and a riesling). Our pizza finally arrived, I had melanzana (eggplant) and he had salmon pizza. The pizza were good, the crust were chewy, not too thin, and they were quite satisfying. I actually took pictures of them, but they were sooooo bad, because the place was really dim, and our pizza were half eaten – messily.So, for the sake of this blog, (hehe, don’t you love it when you have an excuse to eat out?), we went back there on lunch time the other day.

This time, instead of picking me up at the station, we decided to meet lucky coq. Being a person without a sense of direction, it was a disaster! I was lost, it’s really embarassing, I mean, I went to chapel street quite a lot, but somehow I’m still lost! from the station, I walked opposite direction where I should’ve walk, further away from the place, urrgghh, it was frustating! A few angry-desperate text messages and directions later, we finally sat happily in quite empty Lucky Coq- I think it was around 3.30 pm. Anyway, all the lost drama aside, lets move on to the pizza. I had potato and taleggio pizza ($4), and this time, it only took a few minutes for our pizza to arrived.yaaaayy..!!

The topping was quite simple, potato, rosemary, and taleggio cheese. The potato slices were a little to thick, it fell apart when I tried to lift a slice of pizza t my mouth. But, I found a better way to eat it, I mashed the potato first with the fork. The cheese were quite strong, but really really good, it goes well with the simple topping. You can see from the picture, the greasy goodness glistening on the topping. (NOT healthy but so good!!).

Meanwhile – sorry for vegetarians – on the other side o the table, he had morrocan lamb pizza, with rocket leaves and sultanas (he’s still in transition to be a vegies, I choose not to push him into it, as it’s a personal lifestyle choice, but mostly, he eats vegie food). He thought it was quite good, but likes my pizza better, I guess it’s the taleggio. All in all, it was a better experience, we left happy and satisfied, besides, what could possibly goes wrong with $4 pizza? 🙂 I will definitely going back to try their dessert pizza.

Lucky Coq – 179 Chapel St, Windsor 3181 (95251288)