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mmmm…shckydatepud..!! 🙂

In my opinion, they seriously have the best sticky date pudding ever..! for $7.50 we (my hubby and I) got 2 thick slice of pudding, drizzled with warm caramel sauce and 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream. The pudding was really moist and had the right amount of sweetness, therefore the addition of caramel syrup and the ice cream doesn’t make it sickly sweet. We often come here just for the pudding, or, when I don’t feel like something sweet, I usually order some panini or HUGE bowl of soup.  Oh yeah, you can also check Cindy’s review for the panini.

163 Grattan St, Carlton
Ph: 9349 4944


Happy belated New Year everyone..! I Just got back to Melbourne last week from holiday, and this blog already looks a bit ‘dusty’.. 🙂

Holiday made my blogging mood a bit low, besides I didn’t do much cooking back home. Anyway, I’m back in Melbourne now, and just got my mojo back.. thanks to the trip to Royal Botanical Garden. (I promise, I will be back there for a picnic!).

Just some of the pictures taken with my hubby’s SLR camera (sooooo much better than my blurry phone cam and pocket cam)…. :

stop, and smell the flowers..

Love the pond ❤


chocolate cake@ the terrace

Of course, after all the walking, we deserve a chocolate cake and some coffee.. 🙂 we stopped at the terrace, tea room at the garden. The cake was okay, not as rich and chocolate-y as vegie bar’s, the cake was a bit on the dry side, but the amount of frosting had saved it. The coffee was good, but not great either, however, the prices are still on the normal range. But with the view to the garden, everything tasted better anyway. Well, looks like the botanical garden will be our new little ‘escape’ place for us.

My other half, is lucky enough to study at a uni that only a stone throw away from a cheap pizza place – Lucky Coq, he went there quite a lot, I even have to remind him to limit his pizza intake to twice a week. I’m worried he might get a pizza overdose, i.e. fat. hehe.. The pizza here are soooo cheap, at lunch (12-4pm) and dinner time (7-11pm), they only cost $4. One day, we decided to meet there for dinner, I think it was on friday night, a couple of week ago. We arrived around 7 and it was already crazily busy!Packed with hip and trendy people, there was even a velvet gate outside the door, the music were loud, some people even hanging around on the bar waiting for a table. We almost gave up, but I, (travelled all the way from east brunswick, catching a tram and train on peak hour, got of at richmond, and catch another train..) refused to give up! We finally got a seat just next to the kitchen window, not the best spot! The pizza took about half an hour, and we had to buy  drinks to distract ourselves from hunger, our drink cost more than the pizza, ($8 each for corona, and a riesling). Our pizza finally arrived, I had melanzana (eggplant) and he had salmon pizza. The pizza were good, the crust were chewy, not too thin, and they were quite satisfying. I actually took pictures of them, but they were sooooo bad, because the place was really dim, and our pizza were half eaten – messily.So, for the sake of this blog, (hehe, don’t you love it when you have an excuse to eat out?), we went back there on lunch time the other day.

This time, instead of picking me up at the station, we decided to meet lucky coq. Being a person without a sense of direction, it was a disaster! I was lost, it’s really embarassing, I mean, I went to chapel street quite a lot, but somehow I’m still lost! from the station, I walked opposite direction where I should’ve walk, further away from the place, urrgghh, it was frustating! A few angry-desperate text messages and directions later, we finally sat happily in quite empty Lucky Coq- I think it was around 3.30 pm. Anyway, all the lost drama aside, lets move on to the pizza. I had potato and taleggio pizza ($4), and this time, it only took a few minutes for our pizza to arrived.yaaaayy..!!

The topping was quite simple, potato, rosemary, and taleggio cheese. The potato slices were a little to thick, it fell apart when I tried to lift a slice of pizza t my mouth. But, I found a better way to eat it, I mashed the potato first with the fork. The cheese were quite strong, but really really good, it goes well with the simple topping. You can see from the picture, the greasy goodness glistening on the topping. (NOT healthy but so good!!).

Meanwhile – sorry for vegetarians – on the other side o the table, he had morrocan lamb pizza, with rocket leaves and sultanas (he’s still in transition to be a vegies, I choose not to push him into it, as it’s a personal lifestyle choice, but mostly, he eats vegie food). He thought it was quite good, but likes my pizza better, I guess it’s the taleggio. All in all, it was a better experience, we left happy and satisfied, besides, what could possibly goes wrong with $4 pizza? 🙂 I will definitely going back to try their dessert pizza.

Lucky Coq – 179 Chapel St, Windsor 3181 (95251288)

poached eggs on toast w/ mushroom ($6.90 + $2 or 3, I’m not sure)

Baked beans and feta ($9)

It was raining all day on Sunday, it was actually a nice change from very hot last few days. I was meant to go to Vic market, but with all the raining, I decided to go on Tuesday instead. However, lunch time came by, but we didn’t have anything to eat, or to cook. So we headed down to Small Block around 1 pm, I thought it wouldn’t be as packed due to the rainy day. But I was wrong, it was busy when we got there, but luckily we didn’t have to wait to get a table. The service can be quite slow on busy weekends, but it was worth the wait, it’s Sunday anyway, whats the rush? We didn’t wait too long for our soy lattes to arrive, they were good, not too strong (I’m not good at describing coffee, it’s either good, bad, strong, or weak). About 20 minutes later, our food arrived, I had poached eggs on toast with mushrooms on the side. The eggs were poached perfectly with oozing orange yolks, the mushrooms were generous serving of swiss browns. My hubby had baked beans with feta, served with toasted Turkish bread. The beans were rich and sweet, paired perfectly with the salty marinated feta. We share our meal, I gave him one of my egg, and 1 piece of mushroom, and I got to taste the beans and feta. It was really filling meal, and we left as soon as we finish our meal, due to the number of people waiting for a table. I’ve yet to try the french toast and ricotta hotcakes, but the hot cakes looks yummy on this post.

Small Block :   130 Lygon Street, Brunswick East  (9381 2244)


Don Don, 321 Swanston St Melbourne VIC 3000 – (03) 9662 3377

Today was a really warm and humid day, felt like summer is coming to Melbourne 🙂  After finished my clinic class, I felt like something cold and fresh, and quick.. cause I was starved to death… I was meant to eat at CJs lunch takeaway @ hardware lane (the laneway that runs between Lt Lonsdale and Lonsdale St), but unfortunately, they didn’t serve lunch special after 2.30 pm. So I decided to head to Dondon. They don’t have a long list of menu, but they always packed, esecially during lunch hours. The service was really fast.. I mean REALLY FAST!! I’ve got my food before I’ve even finish collecting my change!

I ordered a bowl of soba salad (I think it was $7.20 or 7.40?). Although they call it salad, it was pretty much a meal for me. The soba served with tofu, inari (sweet tofu), seaweed, mixed leaves, and some vegies (broccoli and tomato), and strangely, I’ve got a tiny piece of watermelon as well. The soba were served with sesame oil and soy sauce cold dressing (In the picture, you won’t be able to see the soba, it was covered with mountain of vegies). It was a perfect lunch for summer-y day. I wish I get more of the miso paste smeared on top of the tofu though. But, overall, it was a nice, quick, and cheap lunch.

Oh yeah, beware of the pigeons if you’re sitting outside, they won’t hesitate attacking your meal. The girl who sat next to me was a victim.


rajee'sRajees Instant, 702 Sydney Rd, Brunswick VIC 3056 (cnr Albion st and sydney rd)

(03) 9386 1181 ‎

After op shopping at savers and lazily strolling around sydney rd on warm-bright friday night (oh, how I love daylight saving!! ❤ ) we decided to eat at rajees. It’s a typical indian fast food restaurant, with most of the curry serve on bain marie (is that how you spell it?). But, their curry taste so much better than most of the indian fast food in CBD or food court. Their curries doesn’t leave a burning sensation in your belly after you had them. I had mix vegie curry (mild) and dahl (medium hot). The mix vegie curry had lots of vegies in it, most of them were carrots, which is good, cause I really hate mix vegie curry with 99% of it consist of potato chunks. The dahl was also good, a little spicier than the vegie, but the naan was really good. It was warm, and smeared generously with butter or maybe ghee, yumm.. I could just eat the naan by itself.

My hubby had butter chicken and palak paneer. He loved it, by the look of his empty plate, and the smile on his face. 🙂 The palak paneer was good, but, not enough paneer unfortunately. He had his curries with yelllow basmati rice, and while he was waiting for me to finish my food, he dug his pocket, and bought a vegie samosa for $2.

for 2 dinner meal we spent $13.50. ($6.50 vegie meal, $7 non vegie meal)

oh, dont forget the vegie samosa $2