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poached eggs on toast w/ mushroom ($6.90 + $2 or 3, I’m not sure)

Baked beans and feta ($9)

It was raining all day on Sunday, it was actually a nice change from very hot last few days. I was meant to go to Vic market, but with all the raining, I decided to go on Tuesday instead. However, lunch time came by, but we didn’t have anything to eat, or to cook. So we headed down to Small Block around 1 pm, I thought it wouldn’t be as packed due to the rainy day. But I was wrong, it was busy when we got there, but luckily we didn’t have to wait to get a table. The service can be quite slow on busy weekends, but it was worth the wait, it’s Sunday anyway, whats the rush? We didn’t wait too long for our soy lattes to arrive, they were good, not too strong (I’m not good at describing coffee, it’s either good, bad, strong, or weak). About 20 minutes later, our food arrived, I had poached eggs on toast with mushrooms on the side. The eggs were poached perfectly with oozing orange yolks, the mushrooms were generous serving of swiss browns. My hubby had baked beans with feta, served with toasted Turkish bread. The beans were rich and sweet, paired perfectly with the salty marinated feta. We share our meal, I gave him one of my egg, and 1 piece of mushroom, and I got to taste the beans and feta. It was really filling meal, and we left as soon as we finish our meal, due to the number of people waiting for a table. I’ve yet to try the french toast and ricotta hotcakes, but the hot cakes looks yummy on this post.

Small Block :   130 Lygon Street, Brunswick East  (9381 2244)