vegie bar1Last week we celebrate our 9 years anniversary (we’ve only married for 2 yrs, but we’ve been together for 9 years), that means, a good reason to eat out! 🙂 we decided to eat at good old Vegie bar, because this place is never disappointed us. they serve reasonable price foods, with generous amounts of food, and yummy desserts. I had the special meal from the board, funghi pizza, the mushroom marinated in red wine, topped with feta cheese. My hubby had seitan burger with chips. The seitan was good, but a little too thin, the burger was slathered with the yummiest satay sauce, and a mountain of vegie.

vegie bar

and for dessert we had flourless chocolate cake with 2 large scoop of vanilla ice cream..! (yummmm…) the chocolate cake was really rich, after I ate it, I felt like I couldn’t eat any more chocolate for a month! (by a month, I actually mean 1 day). If you ever watch the movie called ‘Matilda’, there’s a scene where a student forced to eat a chocolate cake by his evil school principal, I imagine the cake would taste like vegie bar’s.

vegie bar 2