Hi… feels good to be back in blog world.. šŸ™‚ I’ve been really busy last week, doing my super-massive-huge-assignment..but, it’s done now..wooohoooo….!!! I promise, no more procrastinating next semester! (well, slim chance though, it always seems that there’s not enough adrenalin if the due date still long way to go..)

well, enough about my assignment.. back to WVD. I arrived at the convent around 1 – 1.30 ish, and the venue was already packed with people!! it’s a good thing though, it shows that vegan-vegetarianism is getting more and more common, and people pay more attention to what they eat, and where their food comes from.


I was starving when I got there, and I was thinking of getting a pie but, the queue put me off, it was really3x long..!!!! so I got myself a plate of falafels from himalaya bakery ($8), the falafels was good, not too garlicky, the salad were barely there, but the sourdough toast was the winner..!! it was soooo good.., chewy, a bit moist, not too sour,yummm…. (I could never do low carb diet!)


I bought some goodies to take home, a bar of loving earth raw chocolate ($8) w/ activated almonds – best chocolate in the world, lindt, move over..- (sounds fancy isn’t it? ‘activated almonds’, hehe.. basically the almonds was soaked to make it more digestible, and easier to absorbed), some larabars ($2 each – key lime pie, and cinnamon something- couldn’t remember it..), and 2 slices of cakes ($10 for 2slices, beetroot chocolate cake, and chocolate torte) from naked treaties

when I got home, and took pictures of my stuff, I just realized that they were ALL sweets..! hmmm… and I’m wondering why i never lose any weight..