Last weekend, I went to festival Indonesia. It was held at fed square, thus, no entry fee.. πŸ™‚ It lasted for 2 days, saturday and sunday.

I watched some dance performances..

festival dance


pencak silat performance (Indonesian martial arts)…

festival dance2

but, I smelled something g..o…o…d…., of course…food stands!!!

festval stand2some of the most popular stands were not vegetarian friendly, but you can find at least 1 vegetarian friendly on the menu. there’s 1 vegetarian food stand called primasoy

festival standthis stall were selling my favourite munchies, tempe crisps..yummmm…

festival tempepaper-thin tempe, dipped in rice flour, seasoned with salt and pepper, and kaffir lime leaves, and then deep fried. soooooo crunchy.. Β I can eat this all day..

I also bought some Indonesian sweets :

tape panggang (grilled fermented cassava)

festival tapethe rumour is, due to the alcohol generated from the fermentation process, you can get drunk if you eat too many of these. But I’m sure it’s very unlikely, you need to eat bucketloads of this to reach the adequate alcohol level πŸ™‚

unfortunately, I didn’t know what these babies were..but, theyre soooooooo yummm..

festival dessertthe green one was sooo creamy and custard-y, i could taste pandan and coconut milk, the pyramid shaped one was made of gelatinous rice, sweetened with (maybe) palm sugar syrup. The square one was dry, kinda like shortbread, with lots of coconut, and dusted with sugar (the sugar melted on the way home).

I love festival.. next stop, vegan day festival πŸ™‚