sushi deli

Sushi Deli  (395 Lt Bourke St, Melbourne 3000)

Need I say more? the picture tells everything..

I had vegetarian udon with miso broth ($9). The portion size is perfect for me, enough to fill me up, not enough to make fill sick. The udon came with varieties of vegetables,  (broccoli, spinach leaves, corn kernels, seaweed — if you count that as a veg, and spring onion), and 2 slices of sweet tofu. The broccoli were not boil to death–which is great :). At first, I thougt the broth was a bit MSG-y, but I didn’t taste any weird MSG after taste, and thirst, like I usually had after I had MSG containing food. I suppose it’s just the miso.

Due to it’s popularity, this tiny cute japanese restaurant is always packed during lunch hour. I do reccomend you to hold on to your hunger for another 1 – 2 hrs, and come around 2 pm.