hmmm.. it may not be the most photogenic dish on earth, but the photo doesn’t do justice..
This dish is my favourite indonesian dish, a comfort food – on fire.. However, the original recipe calls for deep frying the eggplant, which I’m not really keen on doing it, so I just bake it in the oven.
Lebanese eggplant is the best type for this dish, it doesnt have as much water as the large eggplant. But if you couldn’t find lebanese eggplant, salt the sliced eggplant first, and place it in colander, let it stand for 30 min – 1hr, until you can see water drips from it.

So, I did several version of this dish, and this recipe is my 4th or 5th take, and I believe I have perfected it each time… 🙂 (at least for me..)

ingredients :

4 lebanese eggplants, sliced (any long thin eggplants will do)
1 – 2 tsp olive oil
2 bay leaves (dried is okay if you couldnt find the fresh leaves)
chilli paste :
2 large tomato
2 large red chilli
2 tsp tomato paste
1/2 large onion
1 clove garlic
1 cm ginger / galangal root
salt and pepper to taste

sliced the eggplants in slightly angled-long slices (5 cm)
spray or brush with olive oil on each side, season with salt and pepper
baked in 180 c oven for 30 – 40 min
make a cross with sharp knife on the bottom of the tomato, put the tomatoes in a bowl and pour boilong water from the kettle over the tomatoes, let it stand for 30 sec, and then peel the skin of
process the chilli paste ingredients in the food processor
take the eggplant out of the oven, it shoud be cooked thoroughly
heat oil in the heavy bottom pan with lid, sautee the chilli paste for 10 min, or until it reduced and thicken
add the eggplants and bay leaves, stir until the eggplant chunks are well coated
put the lid on, and cook on low to medium (if you’re in a hurry) heat for 20 – min
take the lid off, mush some of the eggplants (optional)
serve with steamed jasmine rice
enjoy 🙂

oh yeah, in this picture, you can see chunks of onion, this is because it’s an old photo, as i said before, I did several trials on this recipe, and found that processing the onion together with the chilli worked better.